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Cool SOLD Gen 2 Sig Sauer 556 Classic with Samson Rail. Anaheim

Make:Sig Sauer

Model: 556 Classic


Location (city or county):Orange

Price: ****SOLD****

Will ship (Y/N): N

Other info: Sig Sauer Gen 2 556 classic with ambi control lower. Comes with Samson Star 556 rail, Magpul ladder rails, sig diopter sight, MFI front sight, Hogue 556 grip, Magpul 10/30 pmag, Sig Sauer hard case, original classic plastic handguard, original sig pistol grip. This rifle is a absolute tact driver and runs 100% of everything you feed it.

Need to sell to fund my 308 project. Has ambi mag release.

Rifle has around 600 rounds through the barrel. Plenty of life on this CHF barrel. The usual wear and tear from a used rifle, not a safe queen.


Red dot sight not included.

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