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Originally Posted by bwiese
That could well be agent/phone operator/idiot 'Dana' who told 6172crew here that SW5 receivers (HK94 clones) were banned "by class". Or one of the idiots that arrested folks at the Pomona gun show awhile back for illegal AW possession for having HK trigger group pistol grip lowers.
Funny side note; The phone clerk was familiar with my letter off the top of his head over 2 weeks after I recived it, and thought the author of the letter (myself) was a Doctor. (heh. Formatting is awesome.)
And "Banning" it will take procedural/admin/signoff work and is way beyond the skill or pay grade/authority level of that agent.
Not to mention a trial court purusuant to CPC 12276.5:
I'll look. Some of this is law, some of this is delegated to DOJ for sheer mechanics of administering registration program. Remember, one of the goals of AW law appears to be to avoid seizures and compensation so property-rights court challenges wouldn't use up staff/court time.
Yep, I'm in about the same place, based on regulatory history it should happen the way we think (another 90day period in which to register... possibly any new AW of any type.)
The DOJ may not have updated this list out of sheer bureucratic inertia. And probably not a lot of Gun List readers there.
Also a distinct possibility!
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