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God DAMN! Good going Ben/Artherd, good letter...

Hmmm, some interesting wording in that letter...

"... that particular make and model is not listed as an assault weapon in the list promulgated by the Department in response to the Harrot vs. County of Kings case.

You should be aware, however, that the JP Rifles CTR-02 is virtually identical to rifles now listed as assault weapons by the Department and may be considered an assault weapon in the near future."
This is the first real operational acknowledgement from DOJ/AG office that you can legally acquire a non-Harrott-listed AR receiver. By extension this would apply to non-Harrott-listed AK receivers as well.

The importance of this goes quite beyond trying to make some kinda gripless AR.

"Near future"? This wording suggests possibly there's an upcoming administrative attempt to update the Harrott-inspired DOJ Roster of AR15 and AK Series Weapons. But these could also just be cautionary CYA weasel words too - or there could be some legislative stuff in committee we haven't heard of (but I doubt this latter case).

There is a dim-bright side to all of this, however:

....if AR/AK receivers that aren't declared as named/Type II AWs now (like the CTR02, a couple of other off-brand AR receivers, and some new US-made AK-style stamped receivers) get added to the list for 'functional identicality', these will become full-fledged CA AWs upon that declaration. While registration will be required after 90? days, once it's declared as an AW you can add evil features galore (detachable magwell w/pistol grip, flash hider, folder stock, etc. etc.)

I do not believe that any retroactive 'ban' would fall in place kinda like the early '90s SKS fiasco: that is, a situation where a receiver CTR02 is allowed now, but then added to DOJ Roster list - but then also not allowed to be registered as AW. I believe once a gun/receiver is added to the list and promulgated as an AW, that triggers a registration period to come into compliance (register it, surrender it, move it/sell it out of state, etc.)

I also do not know whether, in this 'update', they'd also try to clean up some other things like FAL & HK clone receivers (i.e., merging a receiver that could form a Type III gun back into Type I category). We've really just addressed Harrott issues here. Non-named, non-AR/AK receivers are still unbanned -which is why CaliFALs are allowed.

I think a 'substantially different' receiver - like the FAB10 - will not be banned or declared as an AW. The Vulcan receiver is in more questionable territory, but of course if Vulcan gets 'declared' as an AW, you can rip out the affixed mag

I will have to read more deeply on how items are declared AWs, and procedures for adding to Harrott list.

For those of us with a bit of pocket change to spare, having a willing FFL, and wanting another AW and willing to gamble that these might be declared as AWs, it might behoove us to quietly do as Ben/Artherd did, and acquire (with DOJ permission) a couple of the off-list AR and AK receivers out there. I'd be buying them not to make Californicated guns, but gambling they get declared AWs eventually and thus I get a coupla new AWs.

[But there's no guarantee of this, the status quo could well be maintained and I could very well end up with fairly useless chunks of metal (at least to me - I have no use for any 'Californiaized' AW.]

(But glad I kept a dozen AK hicap mags!)

Bill Wiese
San Jose

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