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Originally Posted by Spaniard View Post
Brother Wes,
You spoke with the "Real Deal" at BRM-3 about Krell, what more is left to say about the man or the matter?


By the way, how is the shooting coming along, are you ready for the 2009 season?

Yeah Mark, I know what you're saying. It just would be nice to have the very person who Krell is naming be the one to publicly set things straight. For everyone's benefit. I need no convincing, as I was there!

I've been practicing, but due to work I haven't been able to shoot any more matches (our movie wraps the end of December!). I have a new McM A-5 stock arriving next week, and I am having some barrel work done by Randy early next year. I will be at SCPRC, as long as I have a rifle to shoot!

I'm still doing well at the .22lr tactical matches. Haven't been out of the top three all year. Damn recoil!
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