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Here are some more photos of the Premier Heritage. I put a Premier Heritage on the Patriot 308 and it looks great! Things I noticed when testing the Premier Heritage.

The Premier Heritage Scope is very compact this is good and bad. Bad because you do not have a lot of rail room on the rail for other items, good because it does not look so big on a rifle.

The Premier Heritage eye relief is long 3.5” a lot of guys may like this but I found that it is almost too long when mounting it to a Short Action. I could not use low rings like the Seekins 0.92” for it would run into the rail I used the Badger USMC 1” high 34mm rings. When I mounted the Premier Heritage on a long action with the Seekins it work very well.

I did not address this before but the Premier Heritage's illumination is very nice. How the illumination works is you pull the knob a way from the parallax and it exposes numbers to indicate the intensity of the illumination and you simply rotate it to the intensity you wish.

In the photo above you can see the flip lever for zeroing. It is quite simple to re-zero the turret on the Premier Heritage simply flip the lever up and over this disengages the erector system, click it back to 0, flip the lever back locking it into place now your scope is ready to go.

Mike @ CST

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