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Default Price increases

Ok... so I'm unsure about whether I'll be able to hold the same pricing on some of these mag repair kits. I'm finding that normal vendors are out of stock on almost everything, and that I'm having to go to alternate vendors that have product but don't give me the same price. As well, my wholesalers are realizing price increases from manufacturers who are backordered months at this point.... I've already changed a couple of the prices in the list to reflect this, but I'm not sure what else to expect- the current political situation is causing a serious bottleneck and I have no control over what manufacturers and vendors are doing.

I just received a price increase from Tactical Innovations, so the price of those repair parts will be going up. If you already have an order locked in your prices will remain the same this time, but anybody who orders after this point will be charged the new price.

My Glock pricing should remain stable. SIG prices are already reflected with the 226 kits, but I have yet to adjust the other SIG kits and I'm not sure if it will be necessary or not. HK seems to be stable at this point. Mecgar will be going up a small percentage... talking probably a dollar or two. Promag appears stable. I'm unsure of Magpul at this point because they're seriously backordered. C-Products pricing will be going up in the near future; I have quite a few on hand, but I'm having to go to an alternate vendor for those on future orders and my price is between $1 and $2 higher from them.

I apologize for the unrest.... I won't be making any more than I currently am on the kits, but I'm not willing to make less so I am going to pass whatever amount my price changes on to the end user... nothing more. Supply will be an issue, so please bear with me on your orders. ~Thanks~

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