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Arrow ***SOLD*** (2) FN TPS shotguns - SoCal

FN TPS shotgun (includes side-saddle). Good overall condition with signs of wear. This, I'm sure, started it's life as a SBS with a shorter barrel, closer sight radius, and no tube extension. A longed barrel was welded on with an integrated muzzle device. The 360-degree muzzle blast has discolored and pitted the end of the aluminum tube extension. When I changed out the trigger latch, I cracked the trigger guard. Google it, it's not uncommon but it still really sucked. It's backed up with JB Weld and dremmeled smooth. Almost undetectable, but you can see a sign of the seam in the picture. It's definitely now stronger than factory.) These usually sell for much more...I have it priced fairly for what it is - $245***SOLD***

2nd TPS shotgun is in cleaner overall condition. Also has a side-saddle. No trigger guard issues. - $345 ***SOLD***

Both of these are great shotguns. Only selling because I'm up to my eyeballs in pump 12ga's. I have a fetish for tough-looking 12ga. and own lord-only-knows how many 870's, 500's, 1200's. Selling these 2 might start my road to recovery.

I'm in Corona. I will ship any of these to your FFL in good packaging if you pay the shipping charges.
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