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I'd like to see 2 features:

- the ability to reset your last login date/time in the database so as to unmark-as-read older posts. I'm thinking a simple click from the main nav bar. Often you start to browse CGN thinking you have the time but get pulled away, and end up missing things - being able to click to reset your date/time to (N)-1x login would help a ton.

- the ability to have per-subforum keyword-and-PM-notify scanning upon post. Given a keyword to scan for, every post is compared and the user PM'd the URL to the post (or maybe once an hour en masse on another CPU/server). I could set my keyword "wilson combat" in the For Sale forum and get notified of any posts with that in it. (obviously this is not trivial and many safeguards have to be built in)

thx. can I get fries with that?
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