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Don Augustine:
As I posted on another thread-there are several people dealing with MDs all over the U.S. to try and put in line some standards of rules and match set ups so there will lessen these types of matches.

As long as they are all not written by IPSC GAMER/ATTORNEY TYPE FOLKS.

Rules, Regs, Laws, they are all good until they are not followed or gamed or picked apart by kids dressed in adult clothing frustrated at home and trying to get their place in life at the range.

Where does this cynicism come from about rules? I was IPSC too, A-37855 one time long ago, never aspired to Grand Voodoo Master Dragon and lost allot of interest when I saw the gaming, pettiness (is that a word) sand bagging oh yeah allot of that etc.

So I just decided to go with hits as points at the SCPRC, no hits = no points, boring yes but it works. Harder targets had more point value, but over all hits count, misses don't. Did I mention simple. If people want to win based on a curve, who am I to argue.

I would rather run the SCPRC as is with improvements to be made on a continual basis to make it better for the shooter and in the end the community in general. Hits count, misses don't.

Besides as one shooter had stated, the philosophy of IPSC: "Accuracy by Volume", not the philosophy of the one shot game in my opinion.

All that said; I have no problem with a series of matches that are set aside that do have one set of rules for a national match system as a separate match, but then we come back to, who watches the store?

I think what your asking for Don is consistency if I read the tea leaves correctly, nothing wrong in that either. I want that too, even for matches I don't shoot or run.

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