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Default My 2 Cents Worth

Because most of these comments are unjustified, I was going to post a lengthy response to the comments on this forum. However, on second thought, it's not worth it. (I mean the 10 page response that I drafted.)

I have no problems with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. I self criticise and revise quite a bit after every shooting activity that I conduct. I made hundreds of notes during the competition about changes that I will be making for the next time.

There seems to be some feeling that in order to be extreme you have to be humping. Sorry, pure BS. It's mostly about picking the shooting platform and getting the first round hit without mechanical aids and compensating for things like wind, extreme angles.

I don't recall any statement in the announcement that you'd be humping. The focus is on the last two phases. If you go back to my announcement, you will see the conditions that I announced and everyone was stressed under all of these. It showed -- see the comments on the scores below.

As far as the scramble, I warned everyone that they had to have a clear position to shoot to all elements of the road.Some people made bad decisions even after the warning. I had no obligation to tell anyone that all shots would be prone. A person who had taken the training would know that you try to shoot prone all the time and would try to get a clear view of the road from a prone position.

NO ONE SHOT WELL. The HIGHEST score was 25/40 shots or 62.5%. So, NONE of you guys shot worth crap. The average score was 20/40 or 50%. That means if you competed, you had a 50% chance of getting a first round hit. The requirement at the sniper school on a flat range is 100%. If it was so easy, how come the scores were so low?

The reviewer complained about only 3 targets. It's not the number of targets but how difficult to get the hits. Plus, I wasn't going to plant the targets and leave my $1000 worth of custom targets out in the desert unattended. The distances that the reviewer states were all wrong -- maybe that's why he didn't hit many of those targets. Before you criticise, you really do have to get the hits.

My restriction on mechanical devices was pre-anounced. If he didn't like it, he shouldn't have shown up.

As far as the value, well, I spent about 60 hours planning this (including a 25 page competition plan), about 6 hours getting all the equipment together(we had a lot of recovery equipment in case a vehicle broke), and about 12 hours on the day of the competition. Getting 20 guys out to a remote set, having them each shoot 40 rounds, under very extreme downhill, windy conditions in a safe manner, and have everything go smoothly is a complex task. I did all this. Want to know how much I made for all that effort: $0! That's right, the cost of everything ate me alive. I did all that work for free.

This is real simple. You guys can think whatever you want.
Frankly, I don't give a rat's ***.

I know what I've done before this competition.
I know I delivered what I promised on the flyer.

Don't come back. Many people will but I'll do the thing with
only 6 people if need be.

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