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Originally Posted by PistolPete75 View Post
Right from the getko, it wasn't fair from any position you were shooting. the guys that won, had the best field of view and were completely flat. joe and i were shooting on rock chips on a downward slope of 25degrees. some guys were shooting flat, but had no field of view on some shots. that's just how it was.

You know, that's just utter BS. We chose a decent position, just as you could have. We you assigned a position? Nope. It was YOUR choice. Bruce said "Choose your positions carefully!" Some people chose a flat position, but we did not. We were off on the side of that hill, just like a lot of other people. Your statement is false.

Bruce was VERY clear about where the targets would be, sorry some people didn't pick up on that. The match wasn't perfect, there was room for improvement, but all in all I thought it was easily worth the price of admission. Considering Bruce had enlisted the help of four really cool and really professional people to help him organize, set up, manage, and referee this event it was a bargain. It was a BEAUTIFUL spot, a gorgeous day, challenging conditions, and short time limits. People didn't score as well as they hoped. I know I missed a LOT.

And another thing, neither myself or my partner were the best shooters in the group. We were just lucky enough to have shot equally well, and the best shooters didn't necessarily win because it was a TEAM competition.

It wasn't an accident. My shooting partner and I have taken a lot of time, energy, and money to practice as much as possible, and shoot decently. I love shooting, and we thought this would be a lot of fun and a great challenge. We spent hours on the phone talking about approaches to this competition. WE WORKED HARD. You should apologize for making it out as though it was us receiving some kind of handout that you yourself were arbitrarily locked out of. It's just not true, and it speaks volumes about you.

EVERYONE had to deal with difficulties on that hill. What would work for one relay, wouldn't work for another. Wind conditions were very variable. Shooting was often uncomfortable. Positions mattered.

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