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+1 It really does hurt our shooting sport when some yahoo rips off folks like this.

I wouldnt even want to think what you and Mike would of said if you guys would have gone to this event.

Comments like this is what I got from Bruce:

"The fact that I am not mentioned in the Tactical Long Range Community
is simply an indication that you guys are in your own little cocoon."

This is what your 100.00 was for:
As far as the fee is concerned, the fact that this competition is on
BLM land is part of what drives the cost. I have to have help, which
I have to pay, there is some equipment I have to partially pay for,
such as the metal targets used, I have to pay all of the expenses
for myself and the assistants -- gas, hotel, food, etc.. And, then, there is the cost of the
coins and the t-shirts. None of this is free. And, I have to compensate
for the lack of facilities by "creating" my own facilities."

I would think 100.00 per head would justified more than 3 targets.

"I don't have a problem with your asking questions.
I think some of them are inappropriate -- like the one about the
costs -- which honestly is none of your business. I answered
anyway out of courtesy."

As a consumer I believe we all have the right to see what our money is buying. Doesn't look like Bruce feels this way.

"Welcome to the real world
of sniping.

This is pretty close to the final phase of shooting.
This is very very tough. If all of your competitions have
been on flat shooting ranges with nice flat firing lines
you will be screwed."

Yah well doesn't look like I was the one screwed....more like the competitors in this event.

Right now Right here...I would like to invite Bruce to next years TBRC. Since we shoot on a square range he should be able to clean house and take home first with no problems.

Bruce...165.00 will get you in. We feed ya, we give you liquids to drink and you can show us that us how easy it is to shoot on a square range.

May 30th and 31st of 2009. I hope we see you on our firing line with this far of advance notice.

Please visit us @ for more info.
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