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Well that sounds like it was not even close to what was posted -To All,

I would like to thank everyone for your interest.

The reason for limiting to 308 is to level the playing field ballistically. I once shot in a competition where all 308s were grouped with 300 Win Mags and 338 Lapuas. None of the 308s placed in the top 10. So, this is not ballistically level. Only true 308.

This is meant to be a very tactical shoot. When you are hanging off a hillside,
shooting down into a valley at an extreme angle, having short time limits to mil the targets, and to shoot, you will be challenged. I did a test of some of the relays with a few guys and I can tell you that if you don't know your stuff, you won't do well.

As far as my hype, there are far too many jokers who think they are good shooters because they can shoot to 800 yards at known distances off benches with wind flags. Frankly, they won't cut it. So, I was trying to challenge some of them to attend. If you took it badly, get a thick skin. This competition is NOT about catering to your sensitive feelings.Finally, I have had a few e-mails about my background. I will be placing a short bio on my web page. I will post a link here. For the record, I have never claimed to be an operator. I have claimed to have taken multiple LE sniper classes and the Marine Sniper training at Pendleton, as well as taught
there on a part time basis. I have also taught many LE snipers -- don't always publicize this -- as well as operators and many civilians in all walks of life. I will go through all of this in my web post.

Am I the real deal? Talk to anyone who has taken my classes. I am thorough, detailed, tell lots of stories about my training experiences (at least), and give a lot of value for the money I charge. I do know what I am talking about and can sucessfully convey that information to others.

After you have read my bio, you can decide for yourself.

Like everything I do, I am anal retentive and have planned the firing sequences, shooting restrictions, and logistics down to a nat's ***. That's what you want from a professionally run competition. I have given lots of training out in the area, know it well, and know how to make your life miserable during the competition.
Hope this answers any questions. Will get the bio posted next week.
Hope you will take the time to read it.

Bruce Krell

If my partner and I had attended to this mess, we would be pissed and want to know where all the money went. This kind of action has the potential to hurt future matches run by good MD's.

Bill, if you can, contact him and see if this Xtreme sniper instructor and shooter will come to your($25.00 ) match and show shoot.

You think those prize coins were cheap?
Is it all about money for you?
And everyone who registers and pays by October 6 gets a t-shirt.


Yes I do think those coins are inexpensive and so are t-shirts.

Gentelman, Bruce is a good guy and he knows his trash. You guys are making such a big deal when someone is trying to just put on a fun get together. Stop giving him trash and either sign up, bring your gear and send rounds down range or just dont sign up. Bruce shouldnt have to give you his SRBs so you can enjoy a fun shooting meet. What happend to just supporting your fellow gun owners and just enjoying shooting? eyesfromafar

This is why people like Vu are smart enough to ask questions and want know his SRBs,qualifications, how the money is spent....

as 4thseal wrote, I wonder what his classes are like?

Sorry about the ramblings but I hate to see this happen to our sport,especially when everyone in Cali wants to have a couple of big matches every year in our own backyard.

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