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All I can say is ...WOW.
I dunno what to even say to that.

Thank you Ryan for stepping up and posting an honest AAR. I know you are not one to bi*ch about much and to have you fire it up like this things must of been XTREMELY bad. (Just teasin)

It shows people that if they come into our shooting arena..charge 100.00 per head that they need to really earn that 100.00 vs what this is..a total rip off from what I am reading.

If Bruce had any intergrity and wants to show his face in this shooting arena he would refund everyone and take the hit on his end.

Just my 2 cents from a guy that didnt have the balls to take a chance to make the trip..i am a not extreme..just a regular ole trigger puller on a square range with no braggin rights.


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