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Here’s another style of crimp. This too will stop bullet creep dead in its tracks, its a type of side crimp. After you’ve pretty much decided which bullet you like most or the trade-offs you are willing to except, you can have Lee Dies; make up a Lee Factory Crimp Die that crimps well south of the case mouth, just like the side crimp I use (your going to have to tell them how far south on the case you want it and how much crimp is required, hey, this is all custom stuff here). Or, I bought a Factory Crimp die for the 45-70, cutting off the base of the die and shortening that crimp plunger do-dah (heck I don’t know what they call it?), this let the case go well above the top of the die, before the crimping action took place, which then placed the side crimp way down the case, where I wanted it anyways. This is very slick and quick for reloading and much less time consuming than the chemical bonding. Of course, this will require some minor machining.

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