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Originally Posted by marxdspot View Post
I have an AR pistol. I agree, that with a 16-20" rifle, there is enough recoil that if you were to place your cheek/nose close up to the charging handle, it'll take a jab at you. However, I guess because of the short barrel of an AR pistol, there isn't really much of a recoil. I have a 7" barrelled upper. I don't use a muzzle brake on my AR pistol, and the recoil is almost negligent that you could place your cheek/nose close up and you won't get hurt. Watch my friend up close in this vid of my AR pistol. Watch the recoil and how close he is to the charging handle.

Wait until you see my full auto video clip shooting the 10.5 one handed.

I am using the Addax Bulldog FSC Comp.

You won't be too worried about recoil when shooting one shot at a time.
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