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Originally Posted by swift View Post
I've been reluctant to shoot an AR pistol with my cheek on the short buffer tube. How safe is shooting it the way you did it in the video? Should I be aware of anything in particular before trying it?

I've read that the charging handle can hit a shooter in the nose when shooting this way. Have you experienced this?

I have an AR pistol. I agree, that with a 16-20" rifle, there is enough recoil that if you were to place your cheek/nose close up to the charging handle, it'll take a jab at you. However, I guess because of the short barrel of an AR pistol, there isn't really much of a recoil. I have a 7" barrelled upper. I don't use a muzzle brake on my AR pistol, and the recoil is almost negligent that you could place your cheek/nose close up and you won't get hurt. Watch my friend up close in this vid of my AR pistol. Watch the recoil and how close he is to the charging handle.