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Originally Posted by beanz2 View Post
I bought one of these in early December but I have yet to receive anything other than an e-mailed receipt. Was I supposed to print the certificate when I bought it or was a paper certificate supposed to be mailed to my address?
I only ordered mine on 12/29/14 and can't say if they send you a paper certificate in the mail or not. Maybe when you book you would just reference your order number? I'd hold on to the email.

The only information I received in my email confirmation was:
Thank you for your business!
Order Number: xxxx

Thanks for shopping with us at the Appleseed Home Store. You may contact
our customer service department at 1-336-824-0176 if you have questions about
your order. Please note that the charge on your credit card will appear as
Deep River Traders which handles our merchandise
Store URL:[/SIZE][/SIZE]
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