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I'm 95% confident the window for Sua Sponte is closed. This line from Oscainlain's order basically cements it as there is a set number of days from the release of the opinion that a Sua Sponte call can be made:
This order does not extend the time for filing petitions for rehearing for any petitioner who did not move to intervene by February 27, 2014
That means the clock did not stop.

There is also a strong argument that AG Harris does not have standing to ask for review of her denial of intervenor status as she should have asked for that status in the District court and she is not a Party to Peruta.

Now I love that Chuck is trying to claim that the original carry case in the 9th Circuit is somehow bad. Sour grapes that Peruta will not go en banc or see a cert petition often?

Odds of an en banc in Richards - 15%.

Odds of a cert petition by Yolo County in Richards if no en banc - 99%

SCOTUS grant? Who the heck knows at this point.

But the right to carry a firearm in public for self defense will be the law on the west coast until SCOTUS or the en banc court tells us otherwise.

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