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Thank you for all of your advice. I have not had a chance to retrieve anymore of my bullets because I have been shooting at a public range recently, its only 15min from my house instead of the 30 min to deer camp. Yes I said deer camp, I will be hunting white tail with my 450bm.

I was able to shoot 26 of my reloads today. I loaded 8 rounds into a new mag pull pmag and it fed all 8 rounds, I loaded 8 rounds again and they all fed, On the third try it fed all but the last round. On the third attempt I filed the little titty off of the front of the mag because I noticed it was getting ragged.

There was also a nice guy that let me use his chrony.
240gr XTP/MAG 40gr H110 COL 2.060
2322 FPS
Exactly what the hornady load data states.

I found a good deal on some 275gr Barnes 460S&W bullets so I got 200 of them.
I believe this will be my new hunting bullet.
I am also going to order some lil gun because I heard it is less susceptible to temp.

I think that the barns bullets will be the best pick for the 450bm because like bearbait said " you may just peel the petals flat, or even shear, but you will likely have a bullet base that tracks on through the animal". I called barns and the petals are only 25% or less of the weight.

Just an update I called Hornady and talked to Mitch.
Nice guy and very helpful.
Confirmed all of my info and answered lots of questions.
He said H110 is the best powder and it is very close to the powder that they use in the factory ammo.
He also said that the 450bm should be loaded close to max published loads, because it seals the case to the chamber for better accuracy and smaller spread in fps.

I asked him about the 275gr Barnes and he said that the 300gr load data is the best to use. I kinda squeezed it out of him but he said i can load between the 250gr and the 300gr data but I must work it up and use a chronograph wile doing it.
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