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I shot my first rounds of reloaded 450BM today. I started at 36.5gr of h110 and went to 40.6gr h110. The over all was 2.06 with hornady 240gr .452 xtp/mag. I had heavy sooting of the cartridge until I reached 40gr, but the only one that had no sooting was the highest load of 40.6gr. The last 4 that I shot had the same point of impact as the factory rounds, 40gr, 40.2gr, 40.4gr, and 40.6gr. The last 4 were also 1.1min of angle.
All of my shots were at 100 yds.

I could not be happier. My next batch will be 40.6gr.

I do have a question for some pros out their, how far over the hornady printed max loads can I go safely?

Their were no pressure signs.
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