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Originally Posted by 69Mach1 View Post
Yes, you could be if you can't explain what the extra butt stock is for. It's the same thing for the Glock carbine kits. The stock just attaches to the Glock's extra grip well, after you install the 16in barrel. However, I will go the extra mile and buy a pistol tube. By the way, even with the pistol tubes, you can still slip on an A1 or A2 stock.
The pistol buffer tube differs from the entry length buffer tube by not having the end threaded to accept a mounting screw.

Aditionally the foam sleve, when installed, prevents the buffer tube from being able to be inserted even accidentally into any form of rifle stock. (ace was a bit parinod about that apperently)

I've seen some guys wrap paracord over CAR stock buffer tubes to achieve the same effect.... constructive posession is alot harder to run afoul of with a pistol than with a rifle, but it can still be done.
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