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It was nice meeting you, too. Yeah, I brought a couple of family/friends along to shoot maybe 5-6 firearms that nite and so far the AR pistol was their favorite. Now some of their friends want to tag along next time to give it a times. Maybe I'll catch you there again soon. Take care & safe shooting.


No issues. I was advised by a couple of builders to make sure to use a heavy buffer. The upper was built by Spike's Tactical. Prior to purchasing it, I asked Angela what Spike thought about the GSE Buffer tube set. (It can be found here: I figured I'd ask since both companies were in Florida and since she was familiar with their stuff. And, she said that it was a hit or miss. They did some testing with a variety of pistol uppers with the GSE short buffer set as they were hoping to use it as part of their kit packages, but it would work on some and some not. As a result, I went the safe route and went with the car tube and heavy buffer. By the way, would you want some foam padding for your buffer tube? I've got some extra. It does wonders if you decide that you wanna shoot it like a rifle instead of a pistol. I got the foam padding from a friend of mine in Maine, who owns a plant that makes them. I told him about my build and he sent me some high quality low rise rubber foam to cover up the buffer tube. I've got three choices. I could send you all three to try out to see what's to your liking. All you gotta do is remove the end cap, "lub the tube, and slip it on." It's low enough to clear the charging hand and it beats cheeking up to the metal and hearing the boing. PM me if you want it and I'll be glad to send it over, bros.

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