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Sweet looking AR. Care to share the details of your build?? This is exactly how i want to build my next AR. So far i have the lower receiver and A2 buttstock, just buying a little at a time. Next purchase will probably be the MM grip and RRA 2 stage parts kit.

Originally Posted by Mad Geek View Post
Since performance is the end result we all look for:

This was 55gr. Black Hills FMJ @ 100 yards using the bipod and steadying the rear with my hand under the MM grip. Next time I WILL use something to get a little more stable.

I'm actually not to disappointed with how well I can hold on target with the MM. Now I just need to replace the DPMS standard trigger group with the Jewell 2 stage that's still sitting in the package and get rid of that annoying ring on the rear takedown pin.
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