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I loaded up some rounds using H110 and the above data, substituting the Montana Gold 250gr for the Hornaday 250gr SST. I didn't crony them, I just wanted to see what kind of groups I'd get. 1.5" with the Hornaday 240gr and 2.25" with the Montana Gold bullets. 100yrds.

ar15barrels, I know Quickloads doesn't model Barnes X bullets, but would there be a way to fudge it to see what kind of loads might work with their 200gr XPB bullets? It'd be a 2.2" OAL with .375" in the case.

I'm thinking a lighter bullet plus higher velocity might equal a longer reach before it starts to really drop off. A 200gr bullet that starts out fatter than most expanded .30 cal bullets is going to pack quite a whollop at 200yrds if you can get it there accurately.

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