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Originally Posted by Ding126 View Post
We can't even own a Colt AR15 or Hk91 in this state..let alone have to install the infamous Bullet Button on the average weapon.
I would rather be able to own a Colt AR-15 or Hk91 legally in this state without the bullet button crap. Or even be able make CA a shall issue state.

Who the heck wants some never heard of C&R for a SBR ? This state is one step away from Cap & ball guns only ( SBR that ) People are getting arrested for OLL rifles with black evil features. How do you think the SBR thing goes with the average " Joe bag of Dough nuts" How much money are you willing to spend in attorney fees to defend your C&R, SBR needs.
As a quick response:

You CAN own a Colt AR15. There are at least one or two models that are off list. I think the Match Target HBar is one.

You CAN own an HK 91, sort of. HK re-stamped some 91s to 911 and these are off list. In fact, one has been in the for-sale forum for the past month.

I don't know about never heard of C&Rs, but my Remington 870 and 11 are both C&Rs.

As to spending money on attorneys fees, I agree that sucks. I can't really argue with that.
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