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Originally Posted by RANGER295 View Post
I like your thought process. I see only one problem with it however. I do not have an M-4 configured AR so I am not sure of the exact dimensions, but keep in mind that the OAL must be at least 30 otherwise it is an AW. I could be wrong, but I think that depending on how short you made the barrel, it would be under 30 which is a no no even with a fixed mag. Just a thought.

Aw, I knew there had to be a fly in the ointment. Or maybe even a cat poop.

Let's see, I just grabbed a ruler and my CA-legal M4gery, and it appears that it couldn't afford to lose any barrel length with the stock retracted. Now, it might be possible to install the shorter M4 barrel (I don't recall the exact length) if the telestock was permanently locked at maximum length, but that would just be silly. For any given overall length, might as well maximize the barrel length within the constraint of having a comfortable pull length.

Ok, your homework assignment is to take my basic idea and them come up with other interesting and legal applications!
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