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We can't even own a Colt AR15 or Hk91 in this state..let alone have to install the infamous Bullet Button on the average weapon.
I would rather be able to own a Colt AR-15 or Hk91 legally in this state without the bullet button crap. Or even be able make CA a shall issue state.

Who the heck wants some never heard of C&R for a SBR ? This state is one step away from Cap & ball guns only ( SBR that ) People are getting arrested for OLL rifles with black evil features. How do you think the SBR thing goes with the average " Joe bag of Dough nuts" How much money are you willing to spend in attorney fees to defend your C&R, SBR needs.

I wish we would all focus on getting some of the basic AWB laws overturned, allowing us to own what everyone else can in the other states.

It might be easier if you started you own motion picture company or just move to another state.

Now pass around what all of you are _______ !
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