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Originally Posted by JeffM View Post
Basically AOWs, and C&R SBSs/SBRs are CA legal NFA items.

Sound suppressors, MGs, and non-C&R SBSs/SBRs are not.
Hmm, so does this mean that with:
1) $600 NFA trust
2) $250 NFA tax stamp
3) $50 80 year old rusty POS shotgun with a ringed barrel
it would then be legal to cut on the dotted lines?

Assuming this would be legal, would the resulting very short 80 year old POS shotgun then be considered "transferrable" under NFA rules?

And would the POS be worth the $900 invested until/unless NFA gets overturned, thus immensely de-valuing it along with all of those $10k Sten tube guns?

Please forgive me if these are dumb questions. I haven't seen much reason to seriously look into NFA weapons before.