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Fascinating, I received this from Orly Taitz in reply to my demand to remove the false claim that endorsed her candidacy:

Mr. Nordberg,

are you a new owner of CalGuns? There was a different owner until recently and Calguns always voted me as a top candidate and supported my candidacy. (see below) I made changes to the prior article, however I am showing my readers that CalGuns readers always supported my candidacy, apparently there is a schism between most calguns readers and you personally .

It came to my attention that an Obama operative contacted you recently calling me a "nutjob", using Alinsly type character assassination technique in order to kill the messenger because they don't like the message, they do not like my legal actions against Obama.

Please read the evidence, read expert affidavits. My actions are valid and just like Nixon was forced to resign, Obama will resign or will be removed sooner or later.

Second amendment is there to protect our rights, among them the right to report the truth about our corrupt and lawless leaders. If you are afraid to stand up for this rights, maybe the second amendment supporters should go to another web site, god knows there are plenty of them on the Internet. > General Discussions > 2nd Amend. Related Legal & Political Discussion
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View Poll Results: Who should I vote for to oust Feinstein?
Orly Taitz - Republican 18 39.13%
Elizabeth Emken - Republican 14 30.43%
Robert Lauten - Republican 0 0%
Dan Hughes - Republican 2 4.35%
Mike Strimiling - Democratic 0 0%
Dirk Allen Konopic - Republican 0 0%
Marsha Feinland - Peace and Freedom 0 0%
Diane Feinstein - Democratic 5 10.87%
Colleen Shea Fernald - Democratic 0 0%
Rogelio T. Gloria - Republican 0 0%
Al Ramirez - Republican 7 15.22%
My reply to Ms. Taitz:
I have owned since 2006.
I have been a part of since the first weeks of it's existence, as first a Moderator, then Administrator and in 2006 as the Owner.
We have NEVER supported or endorsed you or your candidacies.

There is no schism, members are free to support whomever they like, however if you read the very thread you linked to the overwhelming trend is NOT supportive. Not counting the post by 'xoomac', Michael Chartier who was associated with you in 2010 of course.
Your web page, until the last hour, stated that 'Calguns urges it's members to support Taitz'.
This was patently false, a single member voiced his support.
Your second web page listed under 'Endorsements' both and The Second Amendment Foundation.
Neither of which is true.

Regarding your claim that ANYONE has contacted me, much less and 'Obama operative, you are flat out wrong.
I have no idea where you came by this theory but it is ludicrously false and blatantly paranoid.

I do note that you use an early version of the poll from 2012 on Calguns, not the most recent result showing more support for Elizabeth Emken. has not endorsed you, has not supported your candidacy and has not urged it's members to support you in any way. Your claims or all of the above on two different web sites were flat out lies. has not and will not support or endorse ANY candidate until after the final filing date when the list of candidates has been finalized.

In case there is any confusion let me make this clear, any use of the Trademarked names, 'Calguns' or '' is NOT authorized.
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