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Originally Posted by Satex View Post
Sounds like the tide has changed and momentum is gathering. How is the foundation doing from a monetary aspect?
We're doing great, and set a record over $10,000 generated in ONE NIGHT, but we need much more to really get things going.

As treasurer one of my projects is to generate a true war chest of funds, to the level where we can literally go head to head with at least state level governmental agencies, with a bigger supply chain than they are able to muster.

Make no mistake, The Calguns Foundation is but one of many hammers pounding on the remainints of the wall of unjust gun laws. However, we're this cool new hammer, with More Power(TM).

Your donations to CGF go more directly to front line litigation than with any other organization I am aware of.

I do encourage you to donate to both NRA and CGF. NRA though a nationwide organization does spend more in California than all other states *combined*.
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