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Originally Posted by advocatusdiaboli View Post
1/3 of the population is left-eye dominant (10% are left-handed), if you are left-eye dominant, it's worth either re-training with a patch or just buy lefthand rifles when the action is harder to do quickly lefthand in my opinion. A bolt rifle falls in that category for me. Follow up shots with a lefthand bolt action are much faster for me and I don't have to close the left eye looking through the scope like I would if I was shooting righthand. LH rifles should be 1/3 of the total available given eye dominance in the population, but they are not. Still, for me, it is worth the extra effort to find them—I spend more time shooting than shopping and I want the best accuracy and speed in my shooting.
I only have a few left hand rifles. It's nice to have left hand rifles but I have shot right hand rifles (left handed) for so long, I'm more use to doing that than working a left hand action. If I buy another AI stock I'll probably get a right hand one, they work fine for the left hand shooter. The only guns that don't work are guns that are right hand only, like guns with a Monte Carlo stock or a lot of right hand cast.
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