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Default EPIC Morning of hunting, up close Lion encounter

Alright so this is going to be a bit of a story but trust me, its worth it. I haven't been out hunting for the last month or so because my wife and I are getting stuff ready for our first little baby girl to arrive in May. I finally got a day off work today and decided to hunt all day. I was mainly targeting Bobcat today but hunted Gray fox early morning with a new hand call I was trying out. As I was driving out I literally thought to myself, "Man it would suck if I got killed by Mt. Lion and never got too see my little baby girl." I have never had that thought cross my mind before and as the day played out my fear almost came true.

So I got to my spot at about 6:30am this morning and hiked in about a half mile and set up and called with my new Dillon hand call. In 5 minutes a gray came in at 25 yards and I dropped him with the 300 Blackout. Kept calling and in another 5 minutes another came in and dropped him a few feet from the first.

I was kind of bummed I brought the Blackout because it tore up the fur pretty good, I almost always use a shotgun.

I hiked back to the car and put the two fox in the cooler on ice and grabbed the FoxPro Wildfire II and headed back out to try and get a bobcat. I hiked in about a mile and called again with bird sounds and a feather lure but nothing came in. After about a half hour I packed up and hiked in about another mile and a half to get to the bottom of a deep canyon that I think holds water. I haven't hunted it in a couple years. Set up the call and put on some cover scent. I only put the call out about 8 yards away and knew that if I shot something again it would be carnage so I has going to try for a head shot this time if something came in. I played sparrow-woodpecker distress for about 6 minutes as I layed on my back in a natural depression for cover. This is where things get crazy!!!!!!

I looked down for a second and when I looked up a large mountain lion walked out only 7 yards in front of me focused on the call. He did not see me and I immediately shut the call off. The lion froze in his tracks. I kept the gun on the lion just in case it turned and charged and tried to get my phone out of my pocket to snap some pics. (The thought crossed my mind, I am a dumbass to try getting my phone with this thing so close but all I could hear is "Pics or it didn't happen" playing in my head. I got my phone out as he stood there for about 10 seconds now. As soon as I got my phone out he saw me. That was the Oh **** MOMENT. He still stood there though trying to figure out if I was lunch or a threat.

Well here you go folks. I even managed to get video! Turn the volume up to hear it growl at me when he takes off into the brush.


Zoom in on the pics. The Iphone takes a really wide angle shot.


Brandon M.

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