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I didn't say that it WAS easier in the end, I'm saying that they FIND it easier. If you don't have a military/LE trainer teaching it to you, it's a lot less psychologically intimidating to deal with "1 MOA = 1 inch," since most folks in the US can psychologically grasp what 1 inch is, but a mil is "some weird number involving math I don't want to think about." Is that rational? Probably not. Is that how a bunch of folks think? Absolutely. Do they spend money too? You better believe it.

Getting an exact BDC for each mil is the same as getting an exact BDC for each MOA or each hash mark ANYWHERE on a reticle. Nikon has software that does this online, for example. I'll give you that Mils are less rotations, and for combat/practical shooting, that's a plus.

Personally, if I was going to learn it all over again, I would probably learn mils. The problem is that I am now set in my ways, and don't have the time/energy to re-train. I barely get to shoot these days as it is. Have some pity on the likes of us, and spread the awesomeness of your reticle with the MOA crowd, please.
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