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Default Introduction of Primary Arms 4-14FFP ACSS .308/.223 HUD

Originally Posted by sunborder View Post
Seriously, as soon as you have MOA turrets and MOA markers (say, every 2 MOA) you will sell more. I'd even pay a premium for that, especially if there was a version that had high-end glass to go with the reticle.

One thing to consider: You are making this reticle to make shooting and ranging easier and faster. A lot of beginning to mid-level shooters use MOA (they find the learning curve easier). They can probably benefit MORE than people who have been trained in mils.
Its not easier at all! Most shooters can't understand why they have a mil reticle with moa turrets! Mil turrets with a Mil reticle is as easy as shoot measure how many mils your off using the reticle and dial in exact measurement with mil turrets. Example shoot a round and measure how far its from the center using reticle so lets say 2 mils low, all you need to do now is dial in 2 mils up and your on. Not to mention less rotation of the turrets using moa your having to do multiple revolutions. Ballistic software can give out mil or moa BDC. With a mil reticle you can get exact BDC for each mil. Your better off learning to do it right then learning moa becoming more experienced and switching to mils.


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