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Default Introduction of Primary Arms 4-14FFP ACSS .308/.223 HUD

Originally Posted by AntiScreed View Post
Yeah I agree I've had to get really good and fast at math. I got the really good part down not so much the fast

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Its not just math. There is no way you could memorize the bdc wind holds, ranging and leads in order to be able to dial it all in. Your left having to use mil holds on the reticle not to mention there is no way for you to range a moving target. In order for you to engage a target it would look like this!

Range to target unknown.

You would have to range it using known measurements like 18" shoulder to shoulder 5'10" for height or 36" for torso and so on.
It looks like this 36x27.778 divide by mils covering target equals range. Lol by the time you do that alone its too late!

So now you know the range lets say 600 yards
So lets say 14 moa well thats almost to revolutions if its tracking true.
Now your wind so lets say 7.5 mph
You would need to have it written down and dial that in as well. 30 seconds later your ready to shoot! Now if another target or threat were to present it self say 400 yards on your flank and prone you would have no way of hitting it because your dialed in at 600 yards with different wind.Trust me this thing is revolutionary and is light years beyond anything else. Most will not even understand just how dominate and superior the ACSS system is until they are faced with these shots. Shooting at paper at 100 yards is easy. Instant ranging leading with BDC and wind holds is rocket science laser edged on your reticle. Your not taking the shot the software or reticle is. As long as you shoot steady and level the ACSS will do its part.


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