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Default Introduction of Primary Arms 4-14FFP ACSS .308/.223 HUD

Originally Posted by AntiScreed View Post
I'm pretty hardcore, trijicon primarily when it comes to glass but with what I've read so far it's worth a shot

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The reticle can do things that no other scope can and thats the bottom line.
Trijicon has better glass but where all others lack is in reticle design and it is the engine of the scope if you will. No matter what quality the glass is you end up looking at a data book. Picture all the ranging,wind and lead marking missing from the ACSS.Then your back to a standard scope. Do you know how to range estimate using your Trijicon if the target is not facing you? What are your wind holds? How would range a moving or target of opportunity? I have studied sniper competitions and they are running around with papers in hand DOPE written on their hands and so on! There is a better way!This is the next generation of reticle designs. As you have been following the thread we test and test. If your in southern Cali come shoot it. Shooting a stationary target at a known distance is one thing any scope can do that, the magic is to do it to multiple targets at unknown distance in wind while they are moving.


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