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Not Milpitas, but a short time ago Mountain View had 2 cases (1000 rounds) of the brass Tula ammo. It comes in some little round, paper-covered can. 100 rounds to a container.

They also had ammo cans of 5.56 (Federal) for $199 (I counted about 6) and the 90 round packs of Federal (one shipping box, probably 6-8 count of the 90 round boxes).

There were 3 boxes of 100 round WWB 45 ACP (1 left now), tons of 12 gauge and hunting ammo, no 22LR, plenty of 40S&W, no .380, .38 or .357. Most of the bulk ammo was on a cart at the back of the ammo aisle. No 7.62x51 was seen.

There were also ammo cans of that "ZQ" (must be the Turk abbreviation for "Over Priced) stuff - 9mm(1000 rounds) and 5.56 (dunno).

After figuring out the math, WalMart is no longer a deal unless shipping costs exceed sales tax + gas costs + time spent to/from. The exception is for convenience of getting what you need right then, assuming you can't otherwise wait.
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