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Originally Posted by Misanthrope2 View Post
I'm male but Ms. Ann Thrope was also the pen name of Christopher Manes in the old Earth First! Journal. BTW, I have defended and been called a radical environmentalist. I shoot over a thousand rounds a month, too. Shooters come in all political colors. I have read that 30 percent of Democratic homes own one or more guns compared to 40 percent of Republican homes. Sometimes, some shooters are too quick to attack liberals and environmentalists.
That's a very interesting statistic and I must admit that I am one of those quick to attack liberals and environmentalist. How is it, then that if 70%, according to the statistics, own one or more guns in the home, are we even fighting this battle? Why does the NRA coalition even NEED a plan in California where over 60% of our elected leadership is Democrat. I am interested and open to honest debate, but I believe the difference between Republican gun owners and Democrat gun owners is that Republicans believe in equal gun rights for all and Democrats (in general) believe in gun right for those who know best... or think they know best.... perhaps this would be better as another thread. I'm serious about hearing your opinion. I don't get a chance to talk to many liberals or environmentalist who are interested in firearms....
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