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Originally Posted by hoffmang
We have not restricted ourselves to solely expenditures in California because it may make strategic sense to bring cases like commerce clause challenges in another circuit but against CA. What I can say is that we are restricted to advancing California issues. Another example of an out of state expenditure is an advertising/information campaign we're likely to run to educate out of state FFLs in how easy it is to comply with the silly CFLC thing.

Should we ever close up shop, the funds have to go to a tax exempt non-profit operated exclusively for the protection of the civil rights of firearms owners. There are no gaurantees about who that would be, but it will be quite a while before we decide there aren't significant enough California issues to deal with.

We're going to be working with SAF and NRA (and others) - but not for either of them.
Thanks for clarifying. Contribution on its way.