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Default Intervene and amicus briefs

Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Yes, and what is NOT wanted is more Gary Gorskys (of near-disaster Silviera fame). So part of the job will also be keeping radar for cases in which these issues might get raised (perhaps inappropriately or as a "shot in the dark") and talk/support such attorneys where necessary so they don't go "off the rails".
In all cases, the Coalition lawyers can intervene, submit amicus briefs and argue, too. If resources are thin, they can set up a brief bank providing authority for other lawyers to use in these cases.

It is the nature of appellate law to take every shot, no matter if you have only a small chance of prevailing. I think it a safe bet that Heller will appear in every appellate brief involving a restrictive gun law.

But I like the idea of the Coalition filing first, setting precedents and creating a wake for all shooting advocates to ride.

Good luck to any and all who defend the Second Amendment.
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