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Default NRA Coaltition may not control litigation on these issues

I appreciate the information about the coalition plans but i think it is important to point out that these issues will be raised by others if the Coalition does not act.

Private defense lawyers, public defenders and appellate lawyers appointed by the Courts of Appeal to defend convicted felons will raise the same issues when defending people accused or convicted of violating gun laws. If they don't, they are incompetent.

As a defense and former appointed appellate lawyer, I would raise Heller in every case involving a gun law. I think other defense lawyers will do the same. If you were charged (or convicted) under one of the restrictive California laws, wouldn't you want your lawyer to argue Heller?

If the Coalition doesn't move quickly, these issues will be before the courts soon anyway.

And thanks to the Coalition lawyers who donate time and effort. And to the non-lawyers, too.
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