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Really disappointed now

Called them up today to find out what was going on, took 14ish minutes to get through no biggy was expecting it. Conversation with customer service was hit and miss... Told him that I placed my order almost 2 months ago and was told that it was canceled. He said they switched to a new system and with in that switch my order was canceled and essentially lost. He went on saying that he was officially going to cancel the order and issue a refund 3-5 business days etc... I told him I was not interested in a refund I just want the items that I bought and asked If it can just be processed. He started to talk over me at that point and acting as if I was being rude to him. Anyways after moments of waiting started giving me all the info on what went wrong and why this happen, through this I asked several times if I can just have the order filled instead of the refund but he just kept proceeding with the process never really answering my question. At the end of the call it came down to a thank you and have a nice day followed by an email to follow up with him when I got my refund. I wrote to him asking once that was taken care of was there anyway to reorder for the prices I paid for (Xmas socking stuffer sale). The reply was simple, "If that's whats on the website"...

I gotta say I am really not happy with how this all went down, granted I get how busy it can get and crap happens. But I really feel jipped here at the end. My order was lost for over a months and automatically canceled. Still took my payment, held on to it for over a month, and when asked if I can still have the items I bought sent instead of a refund was nearly ignored the whole time....

I loved PSA and ordered a lot of my parts and gear from them and always recommended them to my friends and anyone else who asked were to go for AR stuff. But honestly I don't think I'm going to be doing business with them anymore. I'm glad I can get a refund but seriously I just wanted the stuff I bought.. Sorry guys guess I'm moving elsewhere..
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