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Originally Posted by Nahuatl View Post
Sorry about the nom de guerre, a remainder from other forum protocol. I'm on the phone with Paul Payne who will verify my bone fides.

Now back to being Nahuatl, the Aztec coyote god, with only one log in name in agreement with the terms of service, with a thousand or two internet posts, and sometimes known as Gary in CA.
FYI, I just got off of the phone with Gary (aka Nahuatl) and he seems to be a good guy. He is very passionate about hunting and firearms ownership and has stated that he wanted to make sure that most NRA members didn't think that all predator hunters were being represented by a small faction of complainers. Note: These are MY words and understanding (based upon our conversation), not a direct quote from Gary.

It was nice to answer questions and discuss issues, without rolling around in the mud.

I continue to look forward to working with hunters, shooters, gun owners, and anyone else who supports the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Semper Fi and Happy Independence Day!

Fighting for the restoration and preservation of the Second Amendment, right here in California since 1989!

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