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Bill. What tacticalgrunt doesn't understand (or understands all too well if he's not really pro-gun) is that advertising on TV only results in a minimal return, and costs a great deal of money. Or perhaps grunt really wants the progun cause so stretched thin that fighting legislation can't be done. I'm sure Irwin Nowick, as well as other Sacramento politico would be giddy at that prospect. LA and SF politicians dictate legislation in CA.

If the funding were unlimited, sure the NRA could run ads like the following.

And then we could all have a group hug. As much as I would like to see such an ad in CA, it's really a waste of resources. Higher priority is to funnel the money where it will actually do some good (attorney fees, blocking legislation, and now playing offense). I'd say the NRA is putting the available funds to good use. Whatcha say to that grunt?

Which brings up another point. Wayne is the guy who makes those decisions. Top level executives get paid top dollar because they make, or break a company. If one increases a companies worth by billions, compensating them for those decisions is more than justified.

Anthonysmanifesto: Great write up.

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