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Default Smackdown needed

I need a little help here. Grunt's coming from a site where a guy I know and am rapidly learning to dislike even more is putting on a one-man dog and pony show picking a fight with the NRA. Dumbest divisive idea I've seen in a long time. I actually called NRA to apologize for this butthead today.


It would be greatly appreciated if a couple of CG/NRA pro staff would register and put this guy in his place. I'm already banned under one handle at CPC for trying to start a hunting club. I can register under a a nom de guerre and get banned again, but it would much more satisfying if I weren't an army of one this time and had some back up. Please put him in his proper place. You will be banned too, but blessed in handgun heaven. So when was the last time you were thrown off a pro-gun website for being pro-NRA? Only at CPC.

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