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Default WANTED


CEO of Globally Recognized Civil Rights/shooting sports/ conservation Company.

Company is secure and has been operating continuously for 138 years.

CEO candidate will be in charge of several organizations with various tax statuses under the umbrella of the parent company incorporated in New York state in 1871.

the CEO will answer to shareholders as governed by an elected board of directors consisting of 76 freely elected directors from dozens of states.

the membership, while modest has been known to peek at over 4 MILLION souls.

Annual combined budgets often total over $220 MILLION dollars and the books are to be made open and public for the membership, which will question these numbers in an open meeting once a year.


oversee the 4 million member association and forward their stated objective in front of a global audience and in such places as;the White House, the US congress ( 535 voting members) the United Nations, over 7000 state legislators, 50 governors and attorneys general, regulatory advocacy within several federal and hundreds of state agencies, boards and commissions. You will also be expected to hold accountable tens of thousands of local elected officials.

Maintain millions of acres of privately held land as well as care take or lease a million acres of federal land to the highest and most responsible standards in the nation.

Provide charitable contributions to tens of thousands of ranges, clubs & youth organizations and shooting sports events for free. Host and referee one of the most prestigious shooting matches in the world on a civil war era Army base owned by the company.

Provide outreach and education to the 4 million dues paying members of the company and tens of millions of like minded citizens in the United States.

Over see a staff of 500 persons dedicated to the goals of the membership.

give education and direction to tens of thousands of volunteers.

be advised:
a) All news articles related to the gun issue will cite the NRA for better worse or whether or not the NRA was involved or not.

b) fortune magazine will rate your organization as the most influential lobby in America repeatedly and some will say thats a negative.

c) non members and other so called gun groups will decry your fund raising while simultaneously demand you spend more funds on their cause celeb.

d) you will be held responsible for the outcomes of close elections. ( like defeating al gore).


undying and unwavering loyalty to the cause of freedom, the shooting sports, conservationism, competition and the INDIVIDUAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

Be willing to accept a salary far below someone with the requisite experience could make as a lobbyist or as CEO of any similar type of organization or company.

have a very thick skin.

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