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Originally Posted by chknlyps2 View Post
Yup, I called just before I read this.... 1 PM tomorrow. With all the help showing up the dumpsters will be full before 10..... even double checks. I can take a couple cans home also as long as nothing blows out. I already have the empty cans loaded and tied down.

VintageDUG, bring your SKS and we can swap trigger groups and see if your will fire with mine in it, I can change them out in about a minute.
Got the SKS on the list. Also have the new AK pistol and some 22s for plinking.

I appreciate your help.

We will be there between 8 and 8:30.

Oh and I have a bunch of trash bags too.
Originally Posted by Munk View Post
This is akin to saying that the silver lining of being raped is, "hey, at least you're getting laid."
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