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Here is a quote right off of Pat Withrow's web page .


I wished we lived in a world where our citizens didnít have to worry about protecting themselves or their neighbors, but we do. I pray no one will have to go through what my family and I have gone through. As a deputy, I have been required to use my weapon to protect the public. Unfortunately Iím sure some law-abiding citizens will likewise face situations where they will need to use a weapon to protect their family and neighbors. Iím certainly not going to keep one of our good citizens from having the ability to protect himself, his neighbors or our families in a time of crises and violence.

I, like you, have heard all the rhetoric on both sides of this debate. There are always extreme examples for why people shouldnít carry guns and why people should be allowed to carry guns. The rhetoric doesnít change the reality that, sadly, a lot of times bad guys have guns. Until the day comes where we donít have to worry about bad guys having guns then good people are going to have to step up and help protect one another until we in law enforcement have a chance to get there and take over. I believe that if you have no mental health problems, no criminal background which precludes you from owning a gun, and you have the physical and mental ability to operate a firearm safely, than everyone should have equal access to obtain a Concealed Weapon Permit.
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