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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
Let's see if we can make it even easier....

Originally Posted by wilit View Post
Will donate regardless, but is there any chance of getting one of those nifty magnets that were given out from Trutanich-Michel during the BWO fund drive? I never got one.
You can contact TMLLP for a set they'll drop 'em in the mail!

Originally Posted by jnojr View Post
Putting ideology aside, it wouldn't surprise me if PayPal froze the account in response to a complaint that their system was being used for "gun-related activity"... it's a real risk, and AFAIK there's no recourse, as they aren't (at least last time I looked) a chartered bank.
They won't, charitable contributions are a different story.

For now anyone who objects to supporting paypal's anti-gun organization, please just send a check or use online banking.

The goal behind paypal could be read to remove funds from existing calgunners' paypal balances so they can't make the money off the float
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